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Joseph Fantini


Applied & Computational Mathematics.

Joe is a senior majoring in Applied & Computational Mathematics. He plans to stay at USC for a MS in Applied Mathematics as well. Right now he is most fascinated by probability theory and continuous time stochastic processes. He loves playing Pokemon GO, hanging out with his cat Bhumi, and Magic: The Gathering.

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Nicole Park

Co-Vice President


Nicole is a junior majoring in Economics/Mathematics and minoring in Risk Management. She is an aspiring actuary, and specializes in mathematical statistics and risk management/insurance. She is interested in intersecting the worlds of mathematics and risk management, because quantitative approaches and risks are two life factors that are inevitably co-existential. When she is not grinding for her actuarial exams, Nicole enjoys listening to music, sketching, playing the piano, and going on food adventures (especially to aesthetic cafés).

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Alan Goldfarb

Co-Vice President


Alan is a junior pursuing a progressive degree in mathematics with a minor in computer science. He plans to continue his studies in math as a PhD student after his graduation from USC. He is particularly interested in academic research, both in pure and applied mathematics. When he is not hammering out a proof or computing a Galois group, Alan spends his time skateboarding, playing video games, watching basketball, or reading (and practicing) philosophy.

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Simon Zhang

Senior Tech Chair

Computer Science

Simon is a junior studying computer science. In addition to making the website you see now, he is also a TA for CSCI-104 and a member of HackSC. If he is not part of the problem in VSCode, then he is part of the solution in SAL. Simon loves to work out, and the only thing he loves more than working out is eating. He's from New York, so of course he loves Halal food from carts, although taco stands are a close second. He's also working on his rap career on the side, although don't ask him about it. He's already realized he needs to stay in school.

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Angel Hernandez Ramirez


Business Administration

Hi everyone this is Angel. I am from Seattle and I love to play soccer and work out. I am junior studying Business Administration and minoring in Math Finance. I serve as the treasurer for the club and I am excited to get to know you all. This summer I will be interning at a wealth management firm in Seattle, so if finance is one of your passions feel free to reach out!

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Patricia Ong

Marketing Chair

Applied Math

Patricia is a sophomore majoring in Applied and Computational Mathematics, with a minor in Applied Analytics for her aimed career at Data Analysis. In her free time, she enjoys engaging in physical activities, such as: paddle boarding, taekwondo, and volleyball, although more domestic activities, including baking and playing piano, also suit her interests.

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Tiffany Lin

Outreach Chair

Economics and Data Science

Tiffany is a sophomore majoring in Economics and Data Science and minoring in linguistics. She plans to pursue a progressive degree in Applied Economics and Econometrics at USC. She's from Taiwan, and she loves eating, bullet journaling, studying languages, and dancing.

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Andy Kim

Event Coordinator

Applied and Computational Mathematics and Computer Science

Andy is a sophomore majoring in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Computer Science. He is also planning to pursue progressive degree in computer science. He is interested in teaching mathematics to high school students, and he hopes to incorporate his knowledge of computer science in math education. For his hobbies, he likes to play games on Nintendo Switch and binge watch Japanese anime.

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Jenny Song

Mentorship Chair

Math & World Bachelor's in Business

Jenny is a freshman in WBB and double majoring in Math. She plans on pursuing a progressive master’s degree in Statistics. She is born in Shanghai, China while she has lived in Culver, Indiana for her four years of high school. When she is not overwhelmed by her degree requirements, she enjoys street dancing, doing yoga in the dark, and teaching. Watching sitcom and anime is how she keeps herself mentally alive.